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Highest quality for your money Engineering included on project-project basis Higher energy Savings Greenest ICF wall system available

Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System





Typical ICF blocks

More energy savings. More comfort. More value for your money.


You could save between 50-70% on heating and cooling monthly bills with the Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System

  • As the Hobbs System uses less concrete, there is more room for insulation, typically reducing monthly energy bills as much as half or more when combined with energy efficient doors and windows and attic insulation
  • Not only do you save in monthly energy bills, but the size and cost of your heating and cooling equipment is significantly reduced because of the high energy efficiency of the Hobbs System and the high R-30 insulation value
  • Energy efficient homes offer opportunities for lower mortgage payments when considering energy savings, tax credits, energy company and government rebates
    and reduced heating and cooling equipment costs

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The Hobbs System is more eco-friendly than typical ICF blocks, in terms of recycled content and energy savings

  • The Hobbs System contains 47% recycled content
  • Building with our sustainable wall system means no rotting, and a longer-lasting maintenance-free building envelope that will increase and retain value for the life of your home, save in long-term maintenance costs, and provide an excellent return on your investment
  • As all excess waste is recycled and put back into the components, nothing gets sent to the landfill during the post-industrial process; the Hobbs design also significantly reduces post-construction waste to further eliminate trips to the landfill

The Hobbs System provides a safer, healthier, and more comfortable home for your family

  • The Hobbs reinforced concrete construction has a proven track record of withstanding natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes
  • Drafts and cold spots are eliminated
  • The Hobbs components are made from healthy, wood-free materials, eliminating possibilities for mold and mildew
  • The Hobbs materials do not contain formaldehyde, CFCs, or other harmful chemicals
  • As the Hobbs System contains more insulation than any other ICF product, outside noise is greatly reduced
  • The Hobbs design inhibits entry of bugs, rodents, and pests

The Hobbs System produces an engineered, more precise, and better built home for less then the competition

  • Every Hobbs construction project includes a review and approval by an engineer to ensure that every single Hobbs home is built according to the highest possible standards
  • As every construction site is unique in terms of climate and terrain, we at Hobbs Building Systems insist that every project be engineered individually, simply because it’s the right thing to do to ensure the safest home for your family
  • Problems with other ICF systems are unable to hold critical building dimensions resulting in less than desirable challenges for your builder and other trades
  • The Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System has a Fail-Safe Locking Grid Design™ that ensures a straight and true wall that is ready to accept interior and exterior finishes

Your new home will probably be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime. As a homeowner, you should demand that only the highest
quality products be used for your home’s construction to ensure it retains value and provides a safe, comfortable environment for your family.

The Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System offers the highest for your money, and ensures a better built home that will save you time and money, both in initial
construction and in monthly energy savings.

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