Uses less concrete Engineering included on a project basis More Insulation / Higher
Flexural strength Straightest
ICF system available
Greenest ICF Wall System Available

Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System







Typical ICF blocks

More product. More intelligence. More R-value.


The Hobbs ICF Wall System uses 40% less concrete, making more room for insulation and a 25% higher R-value than a typical ICF block system

  • The Hobbs system uses an optimized concrete placement approach versus the prescriptive
    method, which inefficiently uses too much concrete instead of only using concrete where it is structurally necessary
  • Using less concrete means more room for foam insulation that allows the Hobbs
    System to achieve a superior insulating value of R-30 (in a 9’ wall example), 25% better than a typical ICF block system

The Hobbs System is more eco-friendly in terms of recycled content
and energy savings than typical ICF blocks

  • The Hobbs system contains 47% recycled content
  • The Hobbs System components are rot-free, lessening long-term maintenance costs
  • The Hobbs System can save between 50-70% on heating and cooling bills
  • As all excess waste is recycled and put back into the components, nothing gets sent to the landfill during the post-industrial process; the Hobbs design also significantly reduces post-construction waste to further eliminate trips to the landfill
  • All components are recycled during manufacturing, resulting in significant reductions in post-manufacturing and post-construction waste
  • In the tenets of “Green” building, 50% labor savings means less environmental impact
  • Sustainable design means buildings last longer than conventional wood framing
  • Return on investment is accelerated with a more energy efficient product
  • As no wood products are used in the Hobbs System, no deforestation is required

The straightest ICF on the market – no unsupported or weakened seams as in a typical ICF block system

  • No unsupported horizontal and vertical seams that tend to shift as in typical ICF blocks
  • Innovative Tees and Corners are the strongest of any ICF
  • Our Fail-Safe Locking Grid Design™ means no snaking, bowing, or wavy walls
  • Level walls means a true, straight surface ready to accept drywall and exterior finishes

The Hobbs System is much more versatile than typical ICF blocks

  • The Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System’s engineered design is widely supported by structural
    engineers throughout North America
  • 2.5” extra-wide furring assembly flanges (studs) provide generous attachment area
  • Use the Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System for basements, slab-on-grade, radius walls, and multi-story residential and light-commercial exterior wall applications
  • 16” o.c. design makes the system compatible with traditional construction materials
  • Standard contoured and stucco-ready design versions give you building design
  • Drainage plane with the standard contour design provides a natural pathway for moisture control

The Hobbs System is an engineered design, and provides engineering on a project basis

  • More than 2 years of engineering development, physical testing, and ongoing analysis
    has resulted in a superior ICF Wall System
  • The composite value adds significant flexural strength as proven in the physical testing
    conducted by Iowa State University
  • Each Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System project includes an engineer’s stamp on each individual construction project

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