The Hobbs Story

The Hobbs Logic

Although the ICF block concept is excellent, its design is inherently outdated.

1 The ICF block concept has been around for over 40 years, with no significant design modifications since the inception of the product
2 Since the patent expired decades ago for the ICF block design, the ICF block has become a “Me Too” product which explains why there are so many brands of ICF blocks with little or no difference
3 The old ICF technology uses a “prescriptive method”, which inefficiently uses more concrete than required structurally instead of only using concrete where it is structurally necessary
4 Installation of the block ICF systems are tedious and labor intensive resulting in out of level, bowing, and snaking walls with a significant amount of bracing adding to the cost
5 ICF blocks have built-in weakened planes because of the massive amounts of horizontal and vertical joints (ie: a wall that is 200’ long and 9’ high has 1650 L.F. of weakened planes or joints)
6 Attachment points are limited for fastening interior and exterior finishes

Hobbs Vertical ICF solves the problems of traditional ICFs and engineered a smarter, greener and easier ICF wall system!

The Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System is Engineered, Easy, and Green!

The Hobbs Story

Take a great concept with inherent flaws, and build a “Better Mouse-Trap”! Our company began with a dedication to revolutionizing the ICF concept and we built a company around the product. We are passionate about our revolutionary product and the service we provide. We are a family owned organization and the only ICF brand in North America that uses our “Family Name” on the product!

The Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System concept began in 2005 and involved 2 years of physical testing, development, engineering and production. After numerous improvements along the way we feel confident that we have developed the smartest, easiest, and greenest ICF product on the market.

The Hobbs system solves problems that have plagued the ICF industry for +40 years!

Thank you for visiting our web-site and becoming familiar with the Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System and please let us know how we can be of service to you!

Andy Hobbs, Founder & President

Hobbs Building Systems, LLC

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