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Uses less concrete Engineering included on a project basis Easier to assemble Requires less labor Straightest
ICF system available

Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System







Typical ICF blocks

More product. Less concrete. Less labor.


The Hobbs ICF Wall System uses, as much as, 40% less concrete than typical ICF blocks

“Contour Wall” Design

  • The proprietary “Contour Wall” design is essentially a “Modified Post & Beam” configuration comprised of a continuous top and bottom beam and columns with a concrete web between them. The contour wall design is spaced at 16″ o.c. spacing
  • The design has been optimized through engineering placing rebar and concrete precisely where it is structurally required for strength and saving concrete
  • The system has been 3rd party physically tested ensuring there is no compromise in strength
  • This unique design provides more insulation by enabling foam panels to be thicker than typical ICF blocks resulting in higher R-values

“Flat Wall” Design

  • The “Flat Wall” design has a uniform thickness throughout the core and the studs are placed at 8″ o.c. spacing as compared to our contour wall at 16″ o.c.spacing
  • The flat wall design can be used used through out a project  in lieu of our contour wall
  • Engineering may can for flat wall for “tall wall” applications and/or in combination with our contour wall design. It is typical to use our flat wall design around windows and doors and specific locations where excessive point loads from beams and girders require a thicker concrete core


  • We work with you, your architect, building designer or project engineer to properly design the rebar schedule and concrete specifications to perform to your projects structural requirements.
  • Our engineers typically provide “component” engineering for the Hobbs VICF Wall System. It is common for us to provide “project” engineering for other elements, such as, footings and beam design.
  • Please contact us to discuss the right option for you in your area

Uses 50% less labor than typical ICF blocks

  • Our system is faster to assemble with less experienced labor required for assembly than typical ICF blocks
  • The Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System is a 4-in-1 product that combines structure, insulation, framing, and moisture barrier all in one
  • A 4-in-1 product accelerates the building process and requires less coordination between trades

Much easier to assemble than typical ICF blocks

  • No tying, taping, or gluing required
  • The product is vertical, meaning wall former’s work primarily from the ground
  • The contour wall is spaced at 16” o.c.* like conventional framing
  • Wood framing contractors typically make excellent “Hobbs” installers

The straightest ICF on the market – no unsupported or weakened seams as in a typical ICF block system

block comparison

  • No unsupported horizontal and vertical seams that tend to shift as in typical ICF blocks
  • Innovative metal supported tees and corners are the strongest of any ICF
  • Fail-Safe Locking Grid Design™ means no snaking, bowing, or wavy walls
  • Level walls mean a true, straight surface ready to accept drywall and exterior finishes
  • The Hobbs system won’t compress or lift like block ICF systems

The Hobbs System is much more versatile than typical ICF blocks

  • Nominal 2.5” extra-wide furring assembly flanges (studs) provide the most generous attachment area of any of our competitors
  • Use the Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System for basements, slab-on-grade, radius walls, and multi-story residential and light-commercial exterior wall applications
  • This systems design is compatible with other construction materials
  • Our “Exposed Stud” version is excellent for drywall and various siding products at the exterior of the wall. Our “Stucco-Ready” design versions gives building design flexibility by hiding the stud with-in the wall for a surface that is ready for the installation of E.I.F.S. or stucco applications
  • For more more details about the system please click here or go to our technical library 

* Based on our “Contour Wall” design which is a Hobbs patented proprietary “Modifed Post & Beam Design”

Patents: United States # 8,371,082  / Canadian # 2,621,024

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