Why Hobbs Vertical ICF Is Better

The Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System exceeds any other type of ICF or wall product available on the market. Testing by Iowa State University proves that our product performs better than any other product in terms of speed and ease of assembly, energy efficiency and long term strength and durability.

The Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System is:


• Use either our “Contour Wall”™ or “Flat Wall” core type designs which provides flexibility for your building’s structural requirements
• Our Vertical ICF has 3rd party physical testing (strength) that proves the the Hobbs VICF system performs exceptionally well from basement foundations, multi-level projects and commercial applications
• +2 years of engineering and product development was put into this product, making it the smartest system on the market
• Modified post and beam construction (Contour Wall™)
• Fail-safe locking grid design™
• Exceptional durability that saves in long-term maintenance costs. Our system doesn’t rot or and not “food” for pests, such as, termites
• Reinforced concrete construction as a proven track record of with-standing natural disasters, such as, tornado’s and hurricanes


• The Hobbs VICF System uses up to 40% less* concrete
• The foam panels are thicker overall than typical ICF systems, providing more insulation value, generating higher energy savings and an exceptional +R30* insulation value
• This product is produced using recycled content
• The system is smart, designed to reduce post-construction waste
• The materials are sustainable


• No tying, taping or gluing required!
• Our system is faster to assemble – less experienced labor required
• The product is vertical, meaning laborers work mostly from the ground while assembling the system
• More user-friendly, rebar can be pre-loaded in our furring assemblies (Studs)
• Our system is a 4-in-1 product that combines the structure, insulation, framing and moisture barrier all into one product.

*Based on our “Contour Wall”™ design @ 9’4″ wall height


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