See what people are saying about the Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System:

“Because of the extra wide flanges, attaching interior and exterior finishes was so easy for the trades and saved me time and money. Our drywaller was very impressed about how the straight, true and level the wall was compared to ICF blocks.

As I only did my foundation with Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System, in hindsight, I should have used it for my whole house. It performed very well and the sound reduction in my basement where I used the Hobbs System, is much greater than my upper level. I only did my foundation with the Hobbs Vertical ICF Wall System and looking back, I should have built the whole house with this system. It performed very well and the sound reduction in my basement compared to the upper level is incredible. When building this house I was under a very tight timeline. With the Hobbs System, I was able to save time with having not having to stud, insulate and vapor barrier by basement walls”

Jeff W.
Brockville, Ontario

“We built our 2-level home to be 4,320 square feet and we chose Hobbs because of its superior insulating properties, durability and strength. There has been absolutely no movement in the walls so we haven’t had any drywall cracks to fix or doors to re-align. Our home uses a closed loop geo-thermal heating and cooling system, and together with the Hobbs System, our monthly heating and cooling bills have been reduced to between $50-$60 per month! As we live in “tornado alley” in the Midwest, we feel much safer having chosen Hobbs.”

Kent & Marcy T.
Rhodes, Iowa

“This was the first time I used the Hobbs System and as a contractor building my own home, I tracked the following labor costs for installation of the Hobbs System vs. ICF blocks:

Labor cost for Hobbs:
I totaled 68 hours of labor to fully assemble, pour concrete and complete the Hobbs installation. The foundation has 2585 s.f. of wall and at $ 35 per hour this would equate to $2380 in labor.

What labor would have cost for ICF blocks:
Most ICFs would charge the labor at $3-$4 depending on the complexity of the project, so based on 2585 sq. ft. at $3/sq. ft., ICF blocks would have cost $7755 in labor to install.

Choosing the Hobbs system saved me $5,375 and produced a straight, precise wall with no blow-outs during the pour.”

Courtney P., General Contractor
Van Meter, Iowa

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