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The tremendous opportunities for growth and success in the vertical ICF (VICF) industry are immeasurable. As the fastest growing product in the construction industry, ICFs are the way to profitable, healthy successes for builders, general contractors, and foundation and wall contractors.

“Although ICFs represent less than 1% of the residential market today, acceptance is accelerating. By 2005, ICFs will represent as much as 5%  or more of the residential market, seriously challenging traditional stick-frame wall construction.  Every year the number of homes built with ICFs doubles.  Significant performance advantages coupled with rising lumber and energy prices makes ICF’s an attractive alternative for new construction throughout North America.”


A distributorship with Hobbs Building Systems guarantees a part in this highly profitable industry and also offers an opportunity to partner with the most leading-edge company on the ICF market. Our technology and experienced support team ensure the success of each distributorship and offers potential for substantial margins.

The Hobbs VICF system has revolutionized the ICF industry to provide a product that’s free from all of the challenges and hang-ups that ICF blocks experience, and has arrived at a product that will carry ICFs into a successful future.

The green construction movement

The continuing trend is towards greener construction products that are sustainable, recycled, and energy efficient. The Hobbs VICF system has become the benchmark in each of these areas in the ICF industry and continues to find green and energy efficient ways to improve the ICF product.

The ICF market is growing so rapidly, that distributor opportunities may not exist in the future as they do today. If you are interested in a distributorship to represent the Hobbs VICF system, please fill in your information via the contact page and we will contact you for a discussion.

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